20th August 2015

We released the German translation. Sorry if it is a little amateur. It will be soon improved.

It's reading time!

Welcome to Bookcaneer. In here you will be able to trade books for free with other enthusiastic readers, that want to spread literature around the world.

Here is how it works

If you want read a new book...

  1. Tell us where you are. We will be able to look around your area, and we will offer you a list of books available close to you. This information will not be saved!
  2. Browse the books close to you. If you find something interesting, you can just send a request simply clicking 1 button.
  3. If the current owner of the book accepts your request, you can start arranging a meeting to do the exchange. We have our own messaging system to communicate, without divulging your email.
  4. Meet. Exchange. Read. Enjoy.

If you want share a book...

  1. Tell us the area where you want to make the exchange. It can be any place you want. You do not need to input your exact location. This information will be saved, so make sure it is an area you do not mind disclosed.
  2. Wait until at least someone makes a request.
  3. Decide which request you wish to accept. You can conversate with the users through our messsaging system with them to decide this. Your email will never be revealed.
  4. Once your decision is made, accept the request, and arrange a meeting with the user to realize the exchange.
  5. Meet and exchange.