Frequently Asked Questions

What is bookcaneer?

Bookcaneer is a page meant for people to share books for free with neighbours and other anonymous members of their community. The premise is that there are a lot of people that love to read books. Many people like to have bookstores full of book, because they actually look good, but most of those books go unread for quite some time, if not ever. So I thought I would offer an alternative. If you have a book that you do not think you will read again, you can post it online, and if someone is interested in it, it could drop you a message expressing their interest.

How do I share a book?

Very simple. You just need to give us some information about the book, so that people can make an informed decision, if they want to express interest in that book. We also need to know your position, so that we can search people in a radius close by, and inform them about your book. This place does not need to be your home apress exactly. You don't need to disclose your residence. All you need to do is give an approximate area. You could for instance select that "famous square" down your street, or that popular coffee shop where everyone meets on Sundays. The place is up to you. Just make sure it is somewhere close by, so that when the times comes to meet with someone whishing that book, you do not need to walk too far away.

How do I search for new books?

Very simple as well. Just input your location. We will search for all the books that are being searched around you, and present them to you. After that you can just send requests for those books, and even communicate with the book's owner through our messaging system. If the book's owner decides that you are going to be the one getting the book, you can arrange a meeting so that you can get your hands on it. ;)

Why did you start this project?

I am a web developer, and I wanted to practice my coding skills with a new project. In the beginning this was going to be just a mere exercise, but as the project start taking form, I decided it could be interesting to put it online and see if people reacted to it.

Is this service free?

Yes, it is. 100% free.

Who are you?

My name is Enrique Moreno Tent . I am a Web Developer from Spain, currently living in Germany. I work both for companies as well as freelancing. Do not hesitate to get in touch, if you want to hire me.